April 30, 2010

I Blame ADHD For This Blog

So here I am AGAIN.  You may wonder what I mean, so I will explain.  I discovered blogs while I was planning my wedding.  Everyone was doing it so I thought I would jump off the bridge like everyone else and create a blog.  I tried to create niche blogs about weddings, crafts, family, etc. and soon discovered that having untreated adult ADHD really intefered with my blogging attempts.

I really enjoy reading blogs and I want to be cool like all  the bloggers out there so I decided to stop being so "nichey" (is that really a word??) and create a blog that includes it all.  Maybe, just maybe I will be able to keep it up and be cool like all of you out there!! 

I am one of those that dibble dabbles in a little bit of a lot of stuff!  I blame ADHD for my Dibble Dabble Life that I lead.  I wish I were an expert nester or couponer or frugal mom or crafty mom.....but I'm not and probably will never be a pro at any of it because I tend to bounce from interest to interest and never have time to master anything....but I must say it sure is fun trying.  I am okay with this, my husband and children are okay with this (at least they pretend to be) and I hope everyone reading this does not mind having a blogger friend that lives a Dibble Dabble Life!
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