January 24, 2012

I’m Feeling Inspired!

My house doesn’t feel like a home. 

It isn’t very welcoming nor is it decorated the way I would like. 

My walls are bare and the windows are uncovered. 

I have spent countless hours reading blogs and pinning home decor ideas to Pinterest.  I can’t count how many hours I have sat on my couch, staring at my walls trying to come up with decor ideas only to be overwhelmed with fear because I didn’t know where to begin.  I envy people who can add a little bit to a room at a time to eventually achieve the look they want. 

I would say our style leans towards a contemporary, eclectic look but our couches were traditionally styled (hand me downs from my father in law). 

The couches crippled and prevented me from exploring my true decorating style.  

2010_08_25 (1)

A couple of weeks ago we impulsively bought this sectional from Big Lots for $699.


I wanted an Ikea Karlstad sectional but thanks to 4 children (one still in diapers) and 2 dogs it was imperative to have either a leather or faux leather couch.  It is faux leather and HUGE, our entire family fits on this big daddy.  It fits perfectly in our odd shaped room and with it’s current placement I am able to create a “proper” entryway instead of walking directly into my living room from the front door.  Best of all....


I can envision what I want my living room to look like and I couldn’t be happier!

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