July 23, 2010

Yard Sale Finds and Tropical Storms

A post about yard sale finds and tropical storms is an odd combination of topics BUT that is what I am thinking about, so I therefore must blog about them both......the good and the bad....


Today I was looking on Craigslist and saw a C-H-E-A-P-O dresser and table I wanted to check out, come to find out they were located at a yard sale on the same street I live on just around the corner!!

The dresser ended up being cheap in a bad way not a good way, but don't fret because I came out with some great stuff.  This was my first time to go to a yard sale so I am pretty happy about finding something I think is pretty cool!

Look at this G-I-N-O-R-M-O-U-S frame!!!!!  You can bet a pretty penny that I will be painting the monster of a frame {which is 57" x 33"}, but I am not 100% sure what color or where I will put it.  We are planning a bedroom redesign for my girls and I am thinking this would make a great pin board with fabric hanging over my idea of a desk big enough for both of them to do homework!


A closer look


I was going to run to Lowe's this afternoon to pick up some primer for plastic {for another project I am working on}, but that trip has been canceled because there was some at the yard sale and it only cost me $.25 woo hoo!!  I picked up some other spray paint just to have on hand because you can never have too much spray paint especially when it is that CHEAP!



Earlier this year we bought a boat.  Let me introduce you to my husbands new love of his life.....


The boat is a classic {it is older then me}. I was born in 79 and the boat is a 78 model.  We bought it from the original owner who stored it in covered dry storage and who had never taken the boat in salt water since he used it only a few times on a lake in Georgia.  The hull has the original gel coat from 1978 and you can still vividly see your reflection!!

It's the kind of boat that when we are at the boat launch all the other guys launching boats {even those with much newer and bigger boats} come to our boat to ooooo and aaahhhh and ask us all about the boat.


We bought the boat this March and took it out a few times, we soon realized the motor leaked oil and after many attempts to fix the problem {yes we look like rednecks with the engine hanging from a tree...please stop laughing} we decided to buy a new motor and new exhaust.


Now here we are almost 5 months later, finally with a new motor/exhaust, we have planned our FIRST boating day on our awesome boat with friends this Sunday {my husbands only day off} and what would you know......A TROPICAL STORM IS COMING OUR WAY THIS SUNDAY, UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH


There you have it... both the good and bad of my day.

UPDATE.....since the drafting of this post earlier today, the estimated time of landfall for this storm is going to happen sooner then what they thought! This means that I just may be able to enjoy a day out on the boat!!


July 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

What blogging lesson did I learn??? 

I learned it was a BAD idea to start a blog around the same time 4 children start their summer vacation.  

I have not had much time to be creative or blog because I have been busy being a referee!

You see, having twin girls who are 11, entering middle school and feel they are grown has been quit challenging this summer.  

Throw in a "bratty" {so they think} brother and you have a recipe for many FUN {enter sarcasm here} days!! 

I have quite a few to do lists {yes I am one of those that writes lists just to write them and then I lose them} laying around.  This week and next week are filled with school registrations and doctor appointments.  The next week we will be at the Gulf for a before school vacation and then August 9th they will be off to school!!

So PLEASE hang in there with me and I will be up and running very soon!!
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