March 1, 2011

What’s On Michelle’s Phone

YEAAAAAAA!  It’s Tuesday and that means it is time to play over at The Lowe Family News

If you want to play along click the button below and you too can join the PARTY!!

Life has been a turbulent roller coaster since I last linked up {you can read about it here, if you want} so I don’t have many pictures on my phone. 

Thankfully, things are getting back to normal so next week I should have more to share. 

I live in Mobile, Alabama....did you know that Mardi Gras was originated in Mobile, AL??  Yep it sure was.

We are in the middle of Mardi Gras season so Sunday night we caught two parades.

This first picture is after the parade.  {Yes I am a mean parent and make my kids throw all of that junk away, as well as lather in Germ-X as soon as we get home!}

2011-02-27 19.26.20

We got there a little too early, but didn’t mind since we had first dibs on where to stand.

2011-02-27 17.34.28

Why do kids do this in pictures???

2011-02-27 18.58.35

Dominick had a blast catching everybody in his net that cost me a whopping $5, I should’ve stopped by the dollar store before heading out to the parade.

2011-02-27 18.05.12

They all had sugar highs from cotton candy.

2011-02-27 18.26.00

Yes I go in public with no makeup and my hair pulled back.

2011-02-27 17.35.48

That’s all folks...see you next week!


Lindsey said...

I love no make-up, hair pulled back days :) I'm having one today, as a matter of fact!

Kris said...

I didn't know that about Mardi Gras! It looks like so much fun!!!

The WholeFamDamily said...

i have never gone to a Mardi Gras!! i want to, looks so fun!
seriously, dollar store toys always end up being the ones most played with, why is that?? hahaha!

Kali Matthews said...

No makeup and you're still cute! Oh, and hooray for sugar highs!

Kali Matthews said...

No makeup and you're still cute! Oh, and hooray for sugar highs!

Jennifer said...

I did in fact know that mardi gras originated in Mobile... haha, but I only learned it a few years ago when we moved here.
Looks like you guys had fun! =)

Kristi said...

I don't know why kids throw the dueces in every. single. picture. They need to come up with something else, haha! I would totally make my kids throw that Mardi Gras stuff away too! Fun pics, looks like everyone had a fun time!

Meg O. said...

YAY! I love me some Mardi Gras! I had no idea it originated in Mobile. They do one here in Galveston, but I've never been! Looks like a blast! I love the photos :)

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