February 23, 2012

Bye Bye Couch

Last month I was very excited to have a new couch which helped motivate me to start decorating my living room. 

Here is a peek at what we are busy doing......


My living room is a disaster area from the project and to make matters worse we are about to be couch-less!!

The faux leather sectional we bought is already starting to peel.  Luckily the store is letting us return it and get a refund.

So until we find a new sofa we will be sitting on our very comfy stained concrete floors to watch TV.


Maybe, just maybe, sitting on the floor will motivate me to work out instead of watching mindless shows in the evening!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, Are you still enjoying your concrete floors? I want to stain our living room floor but my husband is skeptical. I am inspired after reading your blog. Please respond to me at I live in Texas.
Thanks, Sam

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for your pics. Found the blog on Google regarding the stained concrete floors. You should post more!

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