September 29, 2010


The last couple of months I have been feeling very BLAH. 
There is NO reason I should be feeling this way. 
I am married to the man of my dreams.
I have 4 beautiful children.
We are fortunate to have a boat and can go fishing anytime we want.
Football season is upon us.
I have great friends and we have awesome football parties every weekend.
So WHAT is my problem?????
The only thing I can figure is I am not happy with MYSELF. 
The old saying of once you get married you gain weight has been more then just a saying, it has been my reality
While organizing photos on my external hard drive I found some pictures which inspired depressed me.  The picture below shows what I looked like a few years ago -- mind you my twin daughters had already started elementary school when this picture was taken.  {Yes I look like a hoochie, but give me a break I was going to a Mardi Gras Ball and I looked GOOD!!}
2006_02 (2)
This is me now.  {Please note I do not have any pictures of my entire body because I refuse to take any.} 
I am ready to feel like the “old” me.
Feeling BLAH has kept me from doing things I want to do....
I want to blog, but don’t because I feel BLAH. 
I want to redecorate my house, but don’t because I feel BLAH.
I want to go out every now and then, but don’t because I feel BLAH. 
I want to shop for new clothes, but don’t because I feel BLAH.
I am sick of feeling BLAH!
Enough of being BLAH, I am not a BLAH person. 
I would like to warn everyone the old Michelle will be back very, very soon so get ready because HERE I COME!!


Molly said...

I feel you, I've gained weight. I feel like blah Molly and not smoking hot Molly. I need to fix that!

Meg O. said...

Come back and stop being so blah! ;)

In all honesty, though, I totally understand how you feel about the "blah" moments. I hope this motivation gets you to where you exactly want to be!

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