October 4, 2010

Gray Walls - Attempt #1


I have jumped on the gray bandwagon and want gray walls.  I love gray but hate how hard it is to find the PERFECT shade. 

My walls are currently painted with Valspar semi-gloss paint color matched to Sherwin Williams Bagel.  I have looked at colors for months (seriously) and decided to try Behr - Porpoise.

Since I am not convinced the previous color match was 100% correct I choose to buy the more expensive Behr brand to ensure the correct color.  I bought the combined paint and primer in an eggshell finish.  I am not impressed with the Behr paint.  The eggshell finish looks more like high gloss and of course the gray looks blue on my walls. 

So now it is back to the drawing boards.  I know I love Valspar paint and I have a Sherwin Williams paint swatch so I will go the color matching route.  While searching the internet I found a pdf file containing all of the formulas for Sherwin Williams paints so if Lowe’s does not have the color in their system there should be no problems matching.  My husband wants to pick 2 colors and I will pick 2 or 3 or 4 different colors to try on our living room walls. 

Of course I can’t find the link to the Sherwin Williams paint formulas, but I did save the pdf file.  If anyone wants the list, email me and I will gladly email the file to you. 

Stay tuned for more attempts at gray walls, we are going to Lowe’s tonight!


Meg O. said...

Gray walls... what a lovely idea. I hope you find the perfect shade! I wonder if the paint already on the wall has something to do with it, even though you used primer. Hmm... hope it works out!

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