October 7, 2010

Planning a NYC Christmas Trip


I am convinced I was born into the wrong family.  I was born in Mobile, AL but for some odd reason I have always felt like I belonged in New York City {or any area within an hour to the city}. 

Growing up I took dance and was a member of a few dance companies that performed and competed.  My love for dance fueled my desire to live in NYC. 

Michelle Pointe

I had my life mapped out.  I planned on moving to NYC after high school.  I was going to audition for Broadway shows, fall in love with a man from NYC{with mafia connections}{yes I am a little twisted} and due to him being a mamma’s boy we would live in New York so he could be close to his family.

Years later, I met and married Alex.  He is from Long Island, NY {cute accent and all}, he has ties to the mafia {I am going to ask him if it is ok if I elaborate at a later time, it would make for an interesting blog post}, and he is a mamma’s boy!  The cruel twist of fate is that he REFUSES to move back to New York unless we have bunches and bunches and bunches of money sitting in the bank. 


After 5 years of failed attempts to make the 1254 mile journey to New York with 4 kids we are FINALLY {for real, officially, done deal} going to make the trip to NY for Christmas. 

The kids and I plan on spending about 2 weeks in NY with my mother in law.  My husband can’t miss that much work so he will arrive after us, in time for Christmas. 

Alex and I have two different ideas on the perfect trip. 

Colorless green ideas

I want to {this is just a sample of my plans}:

  • Spend a day or two in the Hamptons {Alex’s aunt and grandmother live there).
  • Attend The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
  • Go to Carlos Bakery {home of the Cake Boss on TLC} in Hoboken, NJ.
  • Freeze my buns off to see a taping of The Today Show.
  • Take the kids to ice skate in Rockefeller Plaza.
  • Shop.
  • Visit the World Trade Center Memorial.
  • Visit Central Park.
  • Leave the kids with their grandmother, so I can just walk around NYC and take photos with my new DSLR.
  • Go to Macy’s or somewhere crazy on Christmas Eve just to be in the midst of last minute NYC shoppers.
  • See the department store holiday window displays.
  • FAO Swartz.
  • Visit a friend from high school that lives in NY. 
  • Drive around with my husband so he can reminisce and tell me about his childhood in New York.

Alex wants to:

  • Stop by the pizzeria he used to co-own so he can eat some pizza.
  • Nap.
  • Go back out to another pizzeria around the corner.
  • Nap.
  • Go eat at his favorite diner.
  • Nap.
  • Go to another pizzeria.


You get the gist.  He has already mapped out the trip from the airport to his mother’s via multiple pizzerias.  I say he is crazy, he says I am crazy! 

I would love to hear your suggestions for things we must do while we are in New York, the great city that is on my bucket list as a place I MUST live before I die!



MommyToTwoBoys said...

We are always in NY, especially at Christmas. But it is only a half hour away. For you guys it will be a long trek with lots of kid stuff to drag along for a 2 week trip.

I love the picture of you! I used to dance too. A long, long, long time ago. And I am with hubby on the pizza. It was a huge motivator for us to get back up to this area after being away 10 years. I guess that once you are hooked on NY pizza you can't get off it.

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