November 9, 2010

What Is On Michelle’s Phone Tuesday

I’m a genius...ok not really but this hot mamma Jessica is a genius! 

Recently she started posting blogs to chronicle her phone picture taking addiction.  This is right up my alley since I usually have my phone camera, my regular digital camera, my DSLR and my Flip video camera within a fingers distance away at all times. 

I told her I wanted to copy her posts but I did not like to be a copy cat so I suggested she have a link party to celebrate her brilliant idea and low and behold she having a link party so we can all share our life events via our phone pictures!  Be sure to join the party here, you are guaranteed to meet some great people. 

Let’s get on with the brilliance:

I am beginning to understand why my children hate taking pictures with me.  While traveling to a haunted train/house I tried to take a picture of me and some of the kids.  After 4 attempts of me trying to not look like I have a double chin I finally gave up and realized my arm was not long enough to get all of us in the picture without me looking like a goon. 

Picnik collage

In the fall/winter I usually darken my hair.  Please focus on my hair and how my eyes pop instead of me not having any makeup on....thanks. 


My suburban is even more fabulous with the addition of sun visors that aren’t really sun visors but 10” TV screens.


We threw our annual Halloween party and had a bonfire which could have burned down our garage and an oak tree...luckily no such things happened and we had a great evening.

Picnik collage2

Two days ago I celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary and we pulled the cake top out of the freezer.  It was actually still very moist and tasty. 


Christmas is nearing and the kids are starting to get in the spirit.  I am starting to see lists like this laying all around my house.  My favorite is #5 (“suitable” lip-gloss  - since we don’t allow our girls to wear makeup) and #8 (the “can’t be boring” part). 


That’s all for now, well there is a lot more, but this is a good summary.  I will be on the prowl looking for pictures for next week’s party!


zoo keeper said...

i want those visors!!! and a bonfire!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

i LOVE the suitable lip gloss. thats hilarious. it's kinda like when miah farts and kora says, MIAH, that is INAPROPRIATE! what 7 year old says that? obviously we've said it too much. oops.

stop showing off ur awesome burban that i covet. i swear i'm gonna come gank it.

yes. all credit for the link party goes to YOU my lovely dear!! u withthe popping eyes!!! thank you so much!! we're gonna have a blast.

see u next tuesday!

The WholeFamDamily said...

ummmmmm, i want visors with tv's in them, i promise not to watch them while i'm driving and texting. ;D kids friggin' love xmas lists don't they? mine thinks she's getting a Wii. ya, santa isn't stupid honey...LOL!

Meg O. said...

Heeeey! I'm back and missed you so! Looking forward to catching up :)

Anyway, love all the photos. I want visor TVs. And your hair looks awesome!! Love the color. Happy Anniversary... your cake was good? Ours was terrible! Then again, we packed it in the freezer, terribly.

MommyToTwoBoys said...

I have so much to say here!, but I'll keep it brief!

1. Love the hair, I just went jet black for the winter so I am sooo with you there!

2. Your daughter peeking out in those pictures is beautiful Michelle. I mean gorgeous!

3. Happy Anniversary! I know from reading your blog, your story, and in talking with you that you guys have an amazing relationship and are so good for each other. So celebrate!

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