June 21, 2010

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I consider myself lucky because my husband, The Yankee, loves to cook.  He owned a pizzeria when he was younger and living in New York so he has a little bit of the cooking blood in him.  That is good for our family because I have a tendency to not be a good cook.  I am one of those that has to have a recipe and I have to go line by line following instructions and even then I mess things up somehow!  

The other night The Yankee decided to make a BBQ Chicken was delish!

Chicken (use as much as you think you will need)
Seasoning of your choice (for the chicken)
BBQ Sauce
Ready to use baked pizza crust
Lid from a ketchup bottle (if needed--see below for explanation)

We {well I watched} first cut and cooked the chicken with a little seasoning -- we used a little cajun seasoning.  

The next thing we did was top the ready to use pizza crust with shredded cheese

After we topped the crust with shredded cheese we simply put the chicken on top of the pizza

Now is the time for the HANDY DANDY TIP!!!!

The BBQ sauce we used only had a cap and did not have one of those small holes to make it squirt like a ketchup bottle.  The Yankee did not want the BBQ sauce to come out in big blobs, he wanted it to have small swirls so he used his brain and came up with this idea.....I must say I think he is a GENIUS!  He just put a ketchup bottle cap onto the BBQ sauce bottle and voila it worked!

The Yankee then proceeded to swirl the BBQ sauce on top of the pizza.  

The Yankee then decided he needed more cheese on top because he feels you can never have too much cheese

Then we popped that bad boy in the oven.  He is not here for me to ask, but I am thinking he set the oven to around 350 degrees and they took about 10-15 minutes to cook.  

And here is the final product

Because of the size of our family {I think we also fed my father in law that night}, The Yankee had to repeat this process 2 more times

Good thing he likes to cook!! 


Rambling Girl said...

My hubby is the cook also for specialty things...I do teh veggies which are basically put in pot with chicken stock and simmer with little bit of sugar/Natures Best. Oh ham hock for sure...then he does the meats...

Oh goodness that sounds and looks yummy! Never tried something different on pizza but cheese/bacon. Sounds like I am plain jane.

MommyToTwoBoys said...

We are TOTALLY making this tonight! I love it!

Michelle @ Sweet Something said...

Your Yankee did good! That looks great! You and I are the same kind of cook, thankfully, my better half is the chef too! :)

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