June 22, 2010

Jumping For Joy

Ever since I decided to start trying {again} my hand at DIY crafty stuff I have been stalking Craigslist.  I have read all the tips going around to be patient and that is what I have done.  I am planning on redecorating my girls room and have ran across many things that would work alright but I kept running into the same problem I have always ran into when shopping for twins.  There would only be one, not two.  So I patiently kept stalking and finally ran across something that I think will work for the bedside tables.  If not, I am sure I can find a nice little home for them!  This is the picture from Craigslist.

I noticed the price was right...$30 for TWO tables.  That's right, $15 each.  Can't beat that.  But then I noticed that the ad had been posted 2 days earlier.  That is when my happy bubble popped.  I knew for sure they would be G-O-N-E.  I emailed her last night in hopes that I would get lucky and guess what......TODAY IS MY LUCKY DAY!!  She called and still has them. 

Now I just have to bribe my brother-in-law so I can borrow his truck.  Yes I have a big SUV, but as I posted HERE my truck is not really set up for that considering I also have bump in the trunk which takes up all of the space in the back.  

I am undecided on what I will do with them.  I am going to go and look through all of my inspiration pictures to help me come up with a game plan for them.

I never thought I would get so excited but I did, I feel like I have won something!

Be on the lookout for before and afters of my awesome find!!  


Rambling Girl said...

Congrats on the great find. I love it when I do the same...funny how we get so excited for little things such as this today. Can't wait to see how you do your makeover!

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