June 21, 2010

Not Your Average "Grocery Getter"

I am sure most of you do not care about what kind of car I drive.  I will talk about it though because it does tell you a little bit more about my husband and I and what we do for a living.

I was asked by an awesome chic named Jessica from The Lowe Family News.  By the way if you have not checked out her blog, you MUST do so.....I REPEAT.....YOU MUST GO NOW.  Also be sure to check out her other vlog which is what hooked me on this girl, you can find her other side job here at Hun Duddle Hussy GO can come back here and finish reading my post after you check her out!!

Anyways she asked if my husband a.k.a. The Yankee was in the military.
No he is not in the military, he just likes short hair! Continue reading and you will find out what we do!

Now back to the regular programing:

You may think that because we are the modern day Brady Bunch I may be driving something like this: 

Now I do drive a big gas guzzling SUV (sorry with 4 kids I will never fit into an electric car) but it looks a little more like this: 

Yes those are TWENTY SIX INCH RIMS!!  We are in the business of custom wheels right here in Mobile, Alabama. 

Yes I get 100 less miles per tank of gas because of those huge rims.....YES I have to be careful of every pothole and bump in the road.....and lastly YES I get some majorly funny looks picking the kids up at school and going to kids birthday parties, etc.  But that is okay, we love the business we are in!!!  

One of the perks for the kids is that because we use our car to help advertise what our business has available besides rims they get to view movies on a 20" flat screen and a 7" flat screen all at the same time!!

So if you are ever passing through South Alabama and you get behind a white SUV that you can view the tv clear as day from 3 car lengths behind wave to me!! 


HunDuddle Hussy said...


on a side note. love the shout out. ur day in the sun is near, don't worry my dear. be patient.

and i would KILL for rims on my truck. so you better watch out lady!!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

oh. and now ur have 9. my least favorite number.

Rambling Girl said...

WOW...that is a big screen....Lexi would love it and so would I since she would be more apt to being quiet instead of wanting to play Justin Bieber 50 times over and over..."Oh Baby"!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

So jealous!

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